Aims of the Workshop

This workshop focuses on tuning in to our proprioception, sensing where we are in space and how our physical self feels about that. From this base we can developed a connected practice that utilises our kinaesthetic skills so we move into postures according to how our bodies work as a whole. As yoga practitioners we can begin to see how everything works together in a symphony to create the masterpiece that is each and every one of us.

About Belinda Emberson

Belinda Emberson
Belinda Emberson

Belinda is a well respected Diploma Course Tutor, who taught at Congress in 2019 and serves on the BWY Teaching Committee as a Foundation Course Officer.

She teaches with an emphasis on creating space, stillness and comfort whilst building strength. This workshop is open to all levels and abilities willing to be open minded.

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Full Info

BWY Member: £35
BWY Non-Member: £45

Date: Sunday 8th November 10:30pm - 4:30pm.
Address: Nigel Copping Community Building, Sanville Gardens, Stanstead Abbotts SG12 8GA.

Parking: Plenty at venue.
Directions: Click here.

Please bring a packed lunch along with you, or there is a small town a few minutes walk away with some local shops and pubs. Hot drinks will be provided on the day.