Privacy Policy

What Information Do We Keep, and What Do We Do With It?

When attending one of our classes for the first time we will ask you to fill in a short health questionnaire with some basic contact information.

It is our requirement and in your best interests to keep a record of certain personal information, such as your name, address, phone numbers, and some relevant health details for your benefit and ours.

We try not to collect any health information that isn’t relevant to your taking part in a regular yoga practice with us.

This information is used in emergency situation should someone become unwell in class or need medical attention, to inform family members and/or emergency services, and also for possible insurance reasons should the need ever arise.

We may also use part of this information to contact you at short notice to inform you of unforeseen class changes to minimise your inconvenience.

We do not pass on any of your information to any third parties. Questionnaires are seen only by Victoria Salter, and Richard Jones. We will however pass on any relevant information to any medical/insurance authorities in the case it should be required.

All student questionnaires are strictly confidential, processed into digital form and saved onto an encrypted computer behind a firewall. Any paper records are subsequently shredded. Your information is also backed up onto an encrypted drive, and we also store the information in the cloud for access in emergencies should it be required. All cloud accounts are set to use two-factor authentication.

At any point you may ask to see a copy of the information you have provided us with.

At any point you can rectify your information, and it will be processed again using the same methods as above.

We will keep your personal information for up to six years after you last attended a class for insurance purposes only.

Certain contact information; telephone number, mobile number, email address and home address are also kept on a single iPhone for emergencies in the event that it may be required. This phone is locked using fingerprint recognition and a password. It is only used by either Victoria Salter or Richard Jones.

Data Breaches

In the case of a data breach we will inform you either by email or text (if permission is given) as soon as the the details and consequences of the breach are known, and will inform you of the steps we have taken. or will be taking to minimise the effects caused to you, and also inform you of any steps you can also take to minimise disruption.

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