Yoga Q&A No. 2
  • Day: Monday 11:45 - 12:45pm.
  • Venue: Nigel Copping Buidling.
  • Hobbies/Activities: Walking my dogs.
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Bound Anlge
  • Favourite Pose: Hip openers.

What initially made you look for a yoga class, and roughly how long have you practised?

"I have done Yoga now on and off for about five years. This time round I was looking for a friendly group and the timings were perfect for me."

Had you ever practiced yoga before and if you did what made you stop?

"The lessons were starting to be sporadic. Plus the teacher concentrated on the breath too much and as my asthma got worse, I felt I couldn't keep up."

What do you feel benefits you the most from coming to classes?

"Relaxed, calm, spine stretched (at least two inches taller at the end of a class), de-stressed -- all is well with the world."


Is there a part of yoga that you struggle with in particular, maybe a particular pose you don’t enjoy, or maybe the hardest pose of all, savasana?

"Ha! Defintely Crow pose! You have to recognise your limitations! I sometimes struggle with forward bends as my stomach gets in the way!"

Since coming to classes have you ever bought any books on yoga, and if so which one/ones, and what did you learn from them?

"Yes, just ordered a book Vicky recommended "The Classic Yoga Bible".

Is there a particular pose that you feel benefits you above others and why? Do you have a favourite posture and why?

"I enjoy most of the poses, anything that stretches the back, but hip exercises feel good too."

Sleeping Dog

Do you ever practice at home, or is it something you never find time for unless you come to a class?

"I never get time to myself… at the moment."

If people know about your yoga practice what’s their general reaction to it, and if you practiced a long time ago have people’s attitudes towards it changed nowadays?

People either tend to think that you have to be super flexible (I'm not) or its very easy and a easier kind of exercise as opposed to going to a gym (they haven't tried Crow Pose!) I also think that Yoga is being taken more seriously now for many different medical conditions.

Was yoga something you never thought would be for you, and does it surprise you that you’re still taking classes after all this time?

"Yes, it does surprise me, as I only started lessons originally to support my friend who was a teacher and was starting up a new class, she went on and on about "you should come" so to keep her quiet I went and really enjoyed it; that was about five years ago..."

Dog in a field

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