Yoga Q&A No. 1
  • Day: Monday 1:30 - 2:30pm.
  • Venue: Mayhem Theatre Arts.
  • Hobbies/Activities: Book clubs and writing group exercise classes plus I have a couple of pen-friends and I also volunteer at the local Library with Rhyme and Toddler Time and The Summer Reading Scheme.
Tree Pose
  • Favourite Pose: Plow.
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What initially made you look for a yoga class, and roughly how long have you practised?

"I have always wanted to join a yoga class and a couple of years ago a Pilates teacher suggested I try her yoga class which I enjoyed but then she left the leisure centre and opened her own studio, which was membership only, and you had to commit to attending every week which was not what I was looking for."

Had you ever practiced yoga before and if you did what made you stop?

"Maybe five years ago I went to a couple of classes at our local leisure centre but was not made to feel welcome in fact one of the participants told me I had ‘stolen’ her friends place because the class was full so went back a couple more times but did not feel at all comfortable there so didn’t bother going anymore."

Man meditating

Is there a part of yoga that you struggle with in particular, maybe a particular pose you don’t enjoy, or maybe the hardest pose of all, savasana?

"Struggle with balance positions especially Tree but Vicky always gives alternative positions."

Since coming to classes have you ever bought any books on yoga, and if so which one/ones, and what did you learn from them?

"I try not to buy books these days but I have read articles online and downloaded some items."

Is there a particular pose that you feel benefits you above others and why? Do you have a favourite posture and why? What do you enjoy least about yoga?

"I think the stretches help a lot and I love Bridge and hopefully I am improving over time. My favourite pose is Plow because I find it easy and a comfortable position to maintain. Not sure I dislike anything at class if I’m honest."

VW Camper Van

Do you ever practice at home, or is it something you never find time for unless you come to a class?

"Wish I did especially as my daughter bought me a yoga mat for Christmas, maybe a late new year resolution?"

Why do you feel, generally, less men come to yoga than women?

"Men generally do not go to group activities I find at least not in Broxbourne maybe more so in London? I think they prefer the gym, football and the pub in their spare time."

Was yoga something you never thought would be for you, and does it surprise you that you’re still taking classes after all this time?

"Have not been taking classes for that long but I have always wanted to join a yoga class but never found the right one until now."

Tree Pose

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