Over the next six months we’ll be working with the elements as our theme, which are earth, fire, water, air and space. Everything in nature is made up of these basic elements including our bodies and we can learn how to connect and balance these elements through our yoga practice.

It’s said when the elements are balanced, we’re in harmony with ourselves, and maintain good health and wellness. The elements can give us a greater appreciation of who we are and our part in the universe.

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Our focus for March will be the earth element which is connected to grounding and stability. We’ll begin the month thinking about which parts of our body are strong, solid and stable.

The earth element is represented in everything that is solid within the body. Feeling our connection to the earth through our legs and feet will be the focus of our physical postures. We’ll also explore breathing techniques, mudras and relaxation/meditation practices that will connect us more to our earth element.

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Dare to reach into the darkness, to pull someone into the the light. Remember strong people not only stand up for themselves, they stand up for others too.

Norman B. Rice
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This Months Online classes

Remember you can view all our classes over on our YouTube Channel. Just go to playlists and then Yoga Classes. You can do them for free or by PayPal donation whatever suits you best in your current situation. Classes will mirror what's been going in class each week.

01/09/2020 The Niyamas - Tapas Week 3
08/09/2020 The Niyamas - Tapas Week 4
15/09/2020 The Niyamas - Tapas Week 5
22/09/2020 The Niyamas - Tapas Week 6

This Months Music

Vicky is going to put a playlist up of 10 songs she's been listening to each month from now on and they'll be listed below for you to have a look through as it proved so popular while we were doing classes online.

Donna De Lory Praying for Love
Donna De Lory Be The Change
Tracey Chatterway Steps of Courage
Tracey Chatterway Rise
Benny Bernstein Satipatthana