The Vyana Vayu

We’ll be looking at the last of the Five Vayus for May’s Theme of the Month - this time Vyana Vayu which is known as your expansive breath. It helps to awaken your energy emotionally as well as physically.

Vyana energy governs your circulatory system and makes sure that oxygen reaches every cell in your body. It is said that Vyana energy begins in the heart and radiates out into the world.

Throughout the month we’ll be looking at poses that need energy distributed throughout the whole body by connecting movements of the arms, legs and core and poses that encourage you to feel expansive. We’ll also look at a lovely expansiveness meditation, a meditation mudra, and breathing practices to promote the Vyana energy such as alternate nostril breathing.

Being your “all-pervasive prana”, Vyana also connects everything in your body with everything in the world.

The Power Of Breath - Swami Saradananda

April Theme of the Month Recap

The Udana Vayu

Last month we worked on the Udana Vayu which was all about the rising, ascending energy that is situated in the throat and mainly flows around the head and the neck.

Many of our postures focused on that area such as twists, bridge pose, reverse table top, eagle balance, fish pose and inversions like downward dog and dolphin.</p>

Breathing practices that we included over the month were Lions Breath, Ujjayi and Brahmari and we also explored the Jalandhara Bandha also known as the Chin Lock.

The Udana Vayu is said to support the central nervous system, endocrine system and the senses and helps to promote mental clarity and focus.