As usual we always take a week off in Sheringham during the May Bank Holiday week so we wanted to give you plenty of notice before then.

Please take a look at the dates below to see how your class is affected.

PLEASE NOTE - There are also no classes on Easter Monday (that's tomorrow if you're reading this on 31st March). Vicky did remind you all this week but we did forget to tell the Monday evening class. So please don't come along to ANY CLASS on Monday on 1st April - this is not an April Fools!!!

All the below dates are removed from the booking system too.

Easter Monday

Monday 1st AprilAll VenuesNo Classes
Tuesday 2nd MayAll ClassesBACK TO NORMAL

We're On Holiday

Sunday 5th MayThe SpaceNo Class
Monday 6th MayAll VenuesNo Classes
Tuesday 7th MayCedars ParkNo Classes
Wednesday 8th MayThe SpaceNo Class
Thursday 9th MayGoffs-Churchgate AcademyNo Class
Sunday 12th MayThe SpaceON AS USUAL
Monday 13th MayAll ClassesBACK TO NORMAL

Spring Bank Holiday

Monday 27th MayAll VenuesNo Classes
Tuesday 28th MayAll ClassesBACK TO NORMAL
We will remind you in class about all the dates too. Please get in touch if you have any questions, and we'll see you when we get back from our break.