We're excited to get back to our venues again for all our classes and look forward to seeing everyone again.

Don’t worry if you haven’t done yoga for a while, are new, or feel a bit stiff. As always the classes focus on being mindful and present, using the breath to guide us in our poses and listening to our body to help feel calm, focused and relaxed.

Root to Rise

The theme of the month will be Root To Rise. We start to build up solid poses from the ground up, so if we focus on our connection to the earth everything else follows. We start to find that we allow for a safer alignment in the body as our muscles start to engage as we work our way up. We allow poses to start to grow as we feel more grounded and at ease.

It will be broken up into seven weeks covering the remainder of May and June. Each week will have a different focus relating to Root To Rise.

  • Week 1 - Feet and Roots
  • Week 2 - Legs and Steadiness
  • Week 3 - Core and strength
  • Week 4 - Hands and connection to earth
  • Week 5 - Feeling rooted through our seat
  • Week 6 - Arms and upper body, feeling light and spacious
  • Week 7 - Root to rise in our poses.

Week 1

The first week, Feet and Roots will be about finding out connection to the earth. Waking up the feet and the ankles through movement is important to allow for a deeper connection when we come to our standing poses. You can imagine visualising roots under your feet to created an even greater sense of stability. The emphasis on long, slow breaths with be used throughout and exploring extended out the exhale even longer to have a sense of downward flow of energy, connection and letting go of what doesn’t serve us right now.

As you become rooted inside and live from the depth of your being, you’ll be able to rise taller and stronger than you ever thought possible.

Derek Rydall

April's Online Classes

Remember you can view all our classes over on our YouTube Channel. Just go to Playlists and then Yoga Classes. You can do them for free or by PayPal donation whatever suits you best in your current situation. Classes will closely mirror what's been going in class each week.

06/04/2021Surrender Your Shoulders
06/04/2021Cooling Down After Running/Walking
13/04/2021Be Grounded, Stay Present
13/04/2021Breathe & Relax Deeply
20/04/2021Cultivate Courage, Confidence & Compassion
20/04/2021Wind Down, Calm & Meditate
27/04/2021Root to Rise
27/04/2021Lengthen to Twist

This Months Music

Here's the usual selection of music that Vicky has been listening to this month.

Michael Mandrell and Benjy WertheimerAwakening
Kiran MurtiMagical India
Carla BonitaCreating Space
Michael EMistral
Nadama and ShastroGift of Light
Mitten and PremalOm Namo Bhagavate