We have made our way through exploring the five Vayus now we move onto our next theme for our classes. The Koshas are translated in Sanskrit as a word meaning layers or sheaths. They are used in yoga philosophy to describe the different layers of our being. These layers are also called sheaths or veils as they cover each other one on top of the other.

Starting from the outmost layer and moving through the layers to the core of the self, each body is made up of increasingly subtler degrees of energy; from the physical body, to the energetic body, to the mental body, to the wisdom body, and finally, to the bliss body. They range from the densest part of our being (the body), to the most vast and subtle (inner joy/peace).

The Koshas are five conceptual layers that yogis use to understand ourselves and are mentioned in the Taittirita Upanishad. Through understanding and exploration we can start to see the concept that we are more than our bodies and our mind. By cultivating awareness of these subtle layers, we gain insight into ourselves by developing a greater awareness of our inner world.

Understanding how the practices of yoga bring the five Koshasbody, breath, mind, wisdom, and spirit — into harmony, not only promotes overall health and wellness but also brings you closer to self-realization and a deeper meaning and purpose to life.

Each week, just like we did with the vayus we will look at in turn one of the Koshas to give you more understanding of these concepts. The poses, breathing practices and meditation and relaxation will all be connected to the theme.

June – The Koshas

Week 1 - Annamaya Kosha
The physical and food sheath .

Week 2 - Pranamaya Kosha
The energy and vital sheath.

Week 3 - Manomaya Kosha
The emotional layer and mental sheath.

Week 4 - Vijananamaya Kosha
The wisdom and intellect sheath.

Week 5 - Anandamaya Kosha
The joy and bliss sheath.

True health requires not only the effective functioning of the physical exterior of our being, but also the vitality, strength, and sensitivity of the subtle levels within.

B.K.S Iyengar – Light On Life

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