I know I have mentioned this before in my last newsletter, but I'd like to confirm it now that I have made all the arrangements for this to begin in September.


Goffs Oak Methodist Church - Directions


Every Monday from 4th September 2017 onwards


9:30am - 10:45am


£8.00 (First class only £5.00)

Goffs Oak Methodist Church

I’m really excited to be able to add some more classes to my schedule now that I’ve completed my teacher training. I’m also looking to add an evening class very soon too. I will keep you posted on any news when I have things confirmed.

August Holiday Dates for Cedars Park

Just as a reminder following on from what we discussed in class these will be the dates that the class won’t be running. Please make a note in your diary but I will still remind you over the next two weeks.

Tuesday 22nd and Tuesday 29th August 2017

Ideas For the Future

I’m looking for ways to encourage people to my classes that might otherwise not come to yoga, and am also looking to add charity classes where all proceeds will go to The Garden House Hospice in Letchworth.

Here are some of my ideas

  • Free classes at regular intervals throughout the year
  • Bring a friend for free classes at regular intervals throughout the year
  • Charity classes with proceeds going to The Garden House Hospice in Letchworth
  • Charity yoga events (possibly Cedars Park) with proceeds and donations going to The Garden House Hospice in Letchworth

I will post details and dates a bit further into the year.

If you have any ideas for the future, please let me know here, or by commenting below.

Changes To My Website

You may also have noticed by now that I’ve had some changes to my website!

The blog section has been made much more readable for you (and things should be loading much quicker for you too). I needed to do this as I want you to find my site useful over time.

I’m also thinking of adding videos at a later date that will hopefully be useful to you between classes if you want to look at what we’ve gone over on any given week.