Sun Salutations

Now we’ve woken ourselves up with twists throughout January, we’re going to spend February focusing on something more traditional – Sun Salutations.

We did look at Kneeling Sun Salutations in June last year but we thought it would be really nice if by the end of February everyone was really comfortable with this important yoga sequence.

Again, like many sequences in yoga, Sun Salutations can be great to practice at home and once you’re comfortable with the sequence, they can really help you to understand the importance of breathing in yoga, and they have a great many physical and mental benefits that come from practicing them.

Sun Salutations, or Surya Namaskar are literally just that – a way of expressing gratitude to the Sun for all it brings to the planet. Nearer the end of the month, once we’re comfortable with the traditional Sun Salutations, we’ll also look at how they’re practiced in Ashtanga Yoga, and the differences – we’ll learn a little bit about them each week.

Hopefully, by the end of the month you’ll all have taken something away with you from the extended time spent practising Sun Salutations.

Video & Guide

We’re really pleased to have made a video and guide to go with the Sun Salutations this month too. We hope it helps you in and out of class. Print it off, watch the video and just dip in and out when the mood takes you.

Look forward to seeing you soon…

Sun Salutation Guide