Yoga Q&A No. 5
  • Day: Monday 9:30am - 10:45am.
  • Venue: Goff Oak Methodist Church.
  • Hobbies/Activities: Walking the dogs.
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Cat Pose
  • Favourite Pose: Cat Pose.

What initially made you look for a yoga class, and roughly how long have you practised?

"I got chatting to a yoga teacher on holiday who really took the time to talk me through all the benefits etc. I've been doing it ever since, eighteen months."

Had you ever practiced yoga before and if you did what made you stop?


What do you feel benefits you the most from coming to classes?

"It energises you, and afterwards you feel soooo much better about yourself and your body."

Men and Yoga

Is there a part of yoga that you struggle with in particular, maybe a particular pose you don’t enjoy, or maybe the hardest pose of all, savasana?

"At the beginning it's a struggle but the more you practice the easier it becomes – so no."

Since coming to classes have you ever bought any books on yoga, and if so which one/ones, and what did you learn from them?

"Yes – a book on postures and the names of them just to familiarise myself with them."

Is there a particular pose that you feel benefits you above others and why? Do you have a favourite posture and why?

"Before yoga, I suffered from a bad back, after a few cat-cows, I've never suffered again. I enjoy all aspects of the yoga practice."

What do you enjoy least about yoga

Do you ever practice at home, or is it something you never find time for unless you come to a class?

"No, I've tried, but I can't relax enough."

If people know about your yoga practice what’s their general reaction to it, and if you practiced a long time ago have people’s attitudes towards it changed nowadays?

"In the beginning I didn't tell anybody, except close family members who thought "it won't last!!!" People seem to smirk like it's a joke. Now I'm the first to tell everyone and anyone the benefits.

Was yoga something you never thought would be for you, and does it surprise you that you’re still taking classes after all this time?

"I'm the first to say I would never ever take up yoga, but now I just wish I'd taken it up years ago."

If you were a yoga pose

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