We wanted a way to give someone the chance to win a free class once a month from each of our classes, but do it a bit differently as a bit of fun, and more a novelty than anything serious.

We purchased a shiny new hi-tech number generating computer, otherwise known as a Bingo machine, and we’ll video the draws for each class once a month and post it on the website on the first Tuesday of each month (Tuesday Tombola).

The rules are going to be really simple, and based on how many classes you come to over the course of a four/five week period across a single month.

How Will It Work?

Come to…

2 classes in the month, you get 1 ball in the machine
3 classes in the month, you get 2 balls in the machine
4 or more classes in the month, you get 3 balls in the machine

We have tested it out, and it works fairly in most cases but it gives everyone the chance of winning the free class if you have come twice or more, and anyone that has come a few more times a little bit of a better chance of winning.

Names that go into the draw are taken from the class register. The ball numbers and corresponding names will be posted with the results video on our website, and we’ll also let you know by email if you’ve won or not.

You can claim your free class at any one of the next months classes, before the next draw.

When’s the First Draw?

As it’s the first draw, it will be this weekend from these class dates:

3rd - 24th September.

And these classes:

Monday’s Goffs Oak Methodist Church 9:30 - 10:45am.
Tuesday’s Cheshunt Cedars Park 10:30 - 11:30am.

Next Month

We will start doing a draw for all our new classes next month too.

The dates for next month will span 1st October - 29th October.

The results will go up on the website on Tuesday 30th October with an accompanying newsletter.

Fed Up With Doing The Ironing?

Toni from our Goffs Oak Methodist Church class (who runs a local ironing business) has also kindly donated two £10 vouchers worth of ironing to put in the draw, and these will be available as a second prize in each draw this month. Thanks Toni!

We hope you enjoy the Tuesday Tombola, and remember, it’s just a bit of fun.