The world and everything within it, including us, is made up of the five elements, which are Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. In yoga terms they are referred to as 'Tattvas' and in Sanskrit this means 'element’ or ‘reality’.

Through our yoga practice we can use the theme of elements to explore each quality and find balance and harmony. Integrating the five elements into our life is important for our mind, body and wellbeing, to gain higher levels of consciousness and spiritual fulfilment.

Yoga and the Five Elements

Over the next five weeks we will be exploring each element in turn.

Week 1 - Earth - Prithvi

To help balance a busy life we need to integrate the earth element. Explore getting grounded with poses that help you feel rooted, finding connection in balances and cultivate calmness in the mind.

Week 2 - Water - Jal

This element brings in movement, cleansing and clearing. We start to feel we are able to express ourselves calmly and smoothly. Explore hip opening poses that create mobility, and sequences that flow from one pose to another.

Week 3 - Fire - Agni

Deals with digestion, assimilation and spiritual growth. Building fire and heat is a key to creating power, change and resolve. Poses that help engage the core and challenge you develop courage and determination.

Week 4 - Air - Vayu

Refers to the breath and the creating space in the body. The breath is the basis of all yoga and carries the prana throughout the body and the universe. In poses its our ability to move and expand freely as noticing this as we move.

Week 5 - Space - Akasha

Space or ether is the place from which our consciousness arises and space represents our mind. By focusing our awareness in the body and the pose we start to connect with the ether element.

Photos From This Months Classes

Yoga Herts Postures July/August
Yoga Herts Postures July/August
Yoga Herts Postures July/August
Yoga Herts Postures July/August
Yoga Herts Postures July/August
Yoga Herts Postures July/August

When we create peace, harmony and balance in our minds we will find it in our lives.

Louise Hay

This Months Music

Here's the usual selection of music that Vicky has been listening to this month.

Krishna DasPrema Chalisa
Earth's EmbraceChristopher Lloyd Clarke
Ty Burhoe/Bill DouglasTides of the Soul
Jai UttalGolden Gauri
Michael Mandrell/Benjy WertheimerThe Breath Inside the Breath
Kenio FukeMagical Land
Jens BuchertHeartlight
Sacred EarthBreathing Space