We're really pleased to be able to offer you a couple of online classes a week starting from today. We feel we have a responsibilty to carry on providing classes as best we can, and too many of you have asked for something online for us to ignore it.

After looking at a few options we feel recorded videos are the easiest way for you to enjoy classes without issues. As long as you don’t try and compare them to a regular class, you might find you can fit them into your routine until classes can return.

Classes are only available to students that have taken classes with us for the time being. Vicky explains a few more things in the video below so please have a watch to find out a bit more and how the classes will look online.

How It Will Work

  • Two 45 minute videos every Tuesday & Thursday
  • Watch the classes on our YouTube channel
  • Click the "Playlists" tab on the channel
  • Find "Yoga Classes", and click "VIEW FULL PLAYLIST"
  • Watch in front room on TV, computer, tablet or phone
  • Watch classes free when it suits you
  • Subscribe to the channel to get notifications of new videos
  • We'll send a newsletter once a week too

If You'd Like To Donate

If you want to donate each time we post a class then it would be greatly appreciated but everyone's situation is different at the moment and there's no pressure to donate at all.

There’s now a PayPal donate button in the footer of this website, one on our YouTube channel and also a link in the YouTube "About" tab.

Get In Touch

We've deliberatly not explained too much as we just want to see how you get on as there's not much to it but if you do need any help then Richard will help you as much as he can.

Contact Richard