As we move into October and into Autumn it’s often a time to slow down from the business of the summer months. We can work with the changing seasons both off and on our mat. We often find that our energy levels slow down at this time of the year with the darker nights and cooler weather.

We will work with poses and practices that help us to slow down and focus more, think about how we can stay grounded and work more with the breath to increase the oxygen levels and to promote calmness.

In traditional Chinese medicine Autumn is the time when the metal element is dominant and the energy in the lung and the large intestine channels become the strongest. Poses that relate to the digestive system, twists, shoulder and chest openers, upper back openers and pranayama will all help to work with this energy.

Autumn is a wonderful season of the year, the trees start to look colourful and who doesn’t like walking through the crunchy sound of fallen leaves!

Yoga For Autumn

Week 1 - Twists to balance nervous system and aid digestion - Integration of some twisting postures to wake up the digestive organs. In the Ayurvedic tradition, seasonal shifts are ideal time for detoxing and twists aid in gently stimulating the organs.

Week 2 - Digestive system and the Pawanmuktasana postures - We will practice a group of postures that help to strengthen the digestive system which in turn promotes good functioning of the rest of the body. Autumn is often a time for us to nourish and look after ourselves sometimes from the over indulgent activities of summer.

Week 3 - Grounding for calmness and stability - Autumn is that time when nature starts to pull its energy inwards and activates the energy of "groundedness" which we can work with on the mat too.

Week 4 - The art of surrendering and letting go - Autumn is a is a time for letting go and releasing the things that are not serving. Just like in nature when the trees drop their leaves we have time to slow down and reflect on where we can release and let go.

The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let things go...

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