As we close last month looking at the doshas, over the next four months our theme will work with the season of Autumn so still taking in the aspects of Ayurveda and moving with the energies of the seasons. Each week will bring in a different opportunity to explore a part of the body for the focus for each class.

This month will be a time to turn inwards, bringing balance back into our lives while we focus each month on a certain part of the body. Bringing awareness on the lower part of the body is a great opportunity to get grounded, steady and focused in our poses. Lots of attention on alignment of the body in poses as we move through strength and flexibility through our poses.

Autumn can be seen as a time as a period of transition and also a time for self- nourishment and relaxation. We start to conserve the energy over the coming autumn and winter months and let go of any unnecessary baggage. Letting go is a process that enables us to create a sense of physical and mental spaciousness in our lives. We can start to prioritise. what is important to us and clearing space both physically and mentally so we are able to nurture and nourish the things that matter the most to us.

October - Autumn

Week 1 - Attention - Feet, Toes and Ankles. Help alleviate tension in the feet while developing strength in the ankles. Allow yourself to build your yoga practice from the ground up.

Week 2 - Presence - Knees. In our poses we will work with strengthening the muscles that surround our knees and poses and alignment that help to stabilise the knees. Yoga poses can help prevent knee problems while helping you to regain strength and flexibility of the knees.

Week 3 - Breathe - Calves. Working through movements and poses to stretch out tight calves. Great if you do lots of walking or running or simply if you want to bring some attention to the lower legs.

Week 4 - Letting go - Shins. Poses to help us release stretch out and release tightness in the often neglected shins. Great for people who suffer from shin splints.

And the sun took a step back, the leaves lulled themselves to sleep and Autumn was awakened.

Raquel Franco

This Months Music

Here's the usual selection of music that Vicky has been listening to this month.

Yuval RonThe Soaring Soul
Stevin McNamaraSong Of The Sun (Part 2 Gat)
Yuval RonKapha Balancing Meditation
Yuval RonFloor Based Flow (Pitta)
Silver MapleAfter The Rain
Carla BonitaCreating Space
Kai FranzSavasana