This months new theme will be based on yoga practices to help reduce the effects of stress, physically, mentally and emotionally. So many us suffer from dealing with stress at some point in our life or on a regular basis.

This month we will look each week how we can target the effects of stress and explore different breathing techniques, relaxations and meditation as tools too that you can carry on and use whenever needed.

Week 1 - Yoga To Unwind and De-Stress

Developing a yoga practice can help prevent and reduce stress. Yoga practices can helps to lower stress and anxiety by releasing endorphins, improving sleep pattern and promoting self awareness. In this class we will work slowly and mindfully with hip openers and twists to help you wind down and feel a deep relaxation of the muscles.

Week 2 - Yoga To Release Tension in the Body

When we are faced with a stressful situation we also have a physical reaction to the situation. Yoga poses and techniques are great for releasing stored up stress in the body. In the classes we will target main areas where we accumulate stress - neck and jaw, head, shoulders, lower back, stomach and hips.

Week 3 - Yoga For Fatigue & Tiredness

Our bodies can often feel fatigue for many reasons and this can lead to exhaustion and changes the way which we react to life. Our yoga practice can help to restore our energy naturally to allow us to feel light, rested and open which can then positively improve how we feel about our day.

Week 4 - Yoga To Feel Calm & Present

Sometimes with the busyness of life and multitasking on a daily basis this can lead to an overactive mind which leaves us feeling unfocused, feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Focusing on the present moment during our yoga practice helps to enhances our awareness, boosts our concentration, and centers our mind.

Photos From This Months Classes

Yoga Herts Postures August/September
Yoga Herts Postures August/September
Yoga Herts Postures August/September
Yoga Herts Postures August/September
Yoga Herts Postures August/September
Yoga Herts Postures August/September

Yoga allows you to find an inner peace that is not ruffled and riled by the endless stresses and struggles of life.

B.K.S. Iyengar

This Months Music

Here's the usual selection of music that Vicky has been listening to this month.

Peter KaterWings of Sound
Sacred EarthStillness
Nu Meditation MusicIndian Flute
ParijatHearts Awakening
Brenda McMorrowAnandamayi
ShiroishiGoing Home