I know most of you know I lost my mum to cancer in August this year but most of you won’t know (though some of my longer term students might know) that my partner also lost his sister two years previously to melanoma.

It’s been a difficult two years for both of us, and two such loses to two people to cancer that were such big parts of our lives, in what really was a short space of time, has changed our perspectives a little bit.

My partner Richard was a big part in getting me to take my BWY Diploma yoga training, and was a big support in giving me the courage to stand up in front of people and teach yoga. He also spent eight months of this year caring for my mum after taking time away from work to help out my family…

A Change…

We have decided that it will always be difficult for me to truly build my yoga on my own if we’re both working different jobs, and we both feel that maybe a change away from the norm would be a good thing for us, so we are going to go into partnership with my yoga.

He will drive me to classes, set up my equipment, and do lots of bits in the background with the day to day running and building of my classes, while I can focus solely on teaching. Some of you might remember years ago, him helping me set up when I first started teaching my Cedars Park class while he was working full time as a web designer at home…

Our plan is to run morning, afternoon and evening classes on Mondays and Tuesdays at different venues to begin with, and try and build steadily from there.

Here comes the difficult part… Class prices

I have been running my yoga now for three years, and have never wanted to put my prices up, as it’s a difficult thing to do. Unfortunately my venue hire has gone up this year, and after three years I really do just have to raise my prices a bit.

  • 1hr classes will go from £7.50 to £8.50.
  • 1hr 15min classes will go from £8.00 to £9.00.

All price changes will be in effect from 1st October, apart from my Cedars Park class which has already gone up this month.

New Classes

We have set up new Monday late morning class in Stanstead Abbotts at the Nigel Copping Community Hall, and also a new early afternoon class at Mayhem Theatre Arts main dance studio in Hoddesdon. We will be looking to add a new evening class shortly, and will be in touch with the details when we know exactly what’s happening.

New Once Monthly Extended Two Hour Classes

We will also be running an extended class once a month at the Nigel Copping Building in Stanstead Abbotts which will take place one day at the weekend. This will be an ideal opportunity to have extra time exploring a specific theme, which will be the Chakras for the first seven months.

Towards the end of each of these classes we will be focusing on restorative/yin yoga, using bolsters for a deeper relaxation.

We will be in touch with more details soon…

New Phone Number

You probably won’t have noticed but I just wanted to make you aware that I’ve changed my phone number.

It’s now 07463 021 512.

If you could please save this over my old one, that would be really helpful.