For this months theme we will be exploring how we can take a different focus each week through the physical body to find a deeper connection to our practice.

Having a focus for each practice allows us to build up on noticing and observing more things that are happening in the present moment. This not only benefits your yoga practice but allows us to pay more attention in everything that we do so we deepen our experience of life.

Connection To Our Body Through Practice

Week 1 - Observing The Differences In the Body - I often mention in class how we can feel so different one week compared to the previous time we have practiced. In our bodies we can also observe the differences in one side of the body to the other. This is a great practice of observation to notice as we may discover we get to know our own body on a much deeper level than we had previously known. I always find it interesting to notice in my own body in poses how different the shoulders and hips can feel.

Week 2 - Emphasize The Feet - The feet are often a place that get a little neglected in yoga and in life! Bring back some focus into your feet through finding placement, weight distribution and how the toes spread – even when the feet aren’t touching the ground. Connection into our feet helps you to feel more grounded and it’s great when we are trying to slow down a busy mind.

Week 3 - Focus On Core Strength - When we practice yoga we start to realise it’s not all about flexibility and how far we can get our hands to the feet in forward folds. There are many poses that connect into our core strength which helps to support the body, allowing for an improved posture and can also help with a healthier spine. Finding a connection to our deep inner strength both physical and mental can guide us through life too.

Week 4 - Finding Balance and Equanimity - Equanimity is the ability to face difficult and challenging situations with balance and grace. Our yoga practice can create a mindful balance of effort and ease, strength, and surrender. Often one pose counterposes another one and a yoga sequence can incorporate one movement after another that brings the body back to balance such as releasing the spine through cat stretch movements after twisting.

Yoga begins right where I am – not where I was yesterday or where I long to be.

Linda Sparrowe

This Months Music

Here's the usual selection of music that Vicky has been listening to this month.

Essie JainThe Healing
Aman GloryMindful Focus
Sangit OmIn Balance
Lisbeth ScottDawn Light
ShiroishiGoing Home
Sacred EarthBliss