The last few months of last year we focused a lot on the lower part of the body with grounding and hip openers and building up strength and flexibility around the legs.

This month and with the start of the new year we are moving in the opposite direction as we explore working with the upper body, arms and hands. We will bring in the theme of how we can explore lightness too to our practice.

There are many ways to explore lightness on our mat. Bringing our awareness to our breathe allows us to find lightness and we move the body in tune with our inhales and exhales. Finding lightness as we transition in and out of poses. Moving from our centre and connecting to the core as we let our limbs be active but at the same time still feel light.

Being able to relax our shoulders and find softness around the face especially when we feel a challenge in a pose. Work with finding a sense of ease and freedom in the way we move our body so that we let go of some of the rigidity we may bring into the body.


Week 1 - Yoga to open the chest and shoulders. Poses and movements to help release tension and tightness. Great for stiffness, improving the posture and to counteract sitting in front of a computer for long periods.

Week 2 - Yoga for wrists and forearms. Poses and movements that help to open circulation through the forearms, wrists and fingers as we move through a full range of movement. When working mindfully with the hands and wrists you also strengthen the forearms, upper arms and shoulders.

Week 3 - Yoga for upper body strength. Poses to strengthen and tone the upper body helping you to feel stronger in your practice. Developing upper body strength can allow you to maintain optimal alignment and more ease in poses.

Week 4 - Yoga to strengthen and tone the arms. Poses and movements to both strengthen and tone the arms to leave you feeling more opened and energised. Stronger arms allow us to do tasks and movements with more ease and efficiency.

The nature of yoga is to shine the light of awareness into the darkest corners of the body.

Jason Crandell

This Months Music

Here's the usual selection of music that Vicky has been listening to this month.

BlueMonk and Michael WhalenThe Way of the Samurai
Rajendra TeredesaiParam Sukh (The Divine Path)
Sacred EarthStillness
Dean Evenson, Jason Darling and Li Xiang TingStillness at Midnight
Aman GloryMindful Focus
Deep Theta Binaural BeatsOptimal Balance
Miracle Tones and Solfeggio Healing Frequency852 Hz Reset the Mind