January Twists

We just want to wish you all happy and healthy new year, and hope you managed a good rest over Xmas.

For January, as it’s a shorter month of classes, and we usually tend to overdo it a bit during the festive period, we’re going to use the month as a bit of a detoxing month. Last year we looked at the Five Vayu’s for our theme of the month, the first of which focused on the navel and abdomen region and we’ll be focusing on the same area this month.

We’ll be focusing on twists as it’s believed that they can aid with digestion. They also increase circulation which can give you a general sense of well-being, they’re also very good for releasing tension in your lower back, which is something that many people that come to classes struggle with.

Benefits of Twists In Yoga

  • Improve Digestive Function
  • Detox
  • Good for the Spine
  • Reduce Back Pain
  • De–Stress
  • Increase Circulation