It’s with great sadness that we’re letting you know that all our classes are now suspended with no idea of when they'll return, a month at least, realistically your guess is as good as ours...

Before we say any more we just want to point out that we have no idea how you or your families are being affected personally by any of this. We really hope that you and they can continue earning a living.

For us it’s a huge relief that a definite decision has finally been made that’s finally taken a huge moral burden away from us both, and many other similar businesses.

From our side of the class we’ve tried our best to follow sensible British Wheel of Yoga guidelines but frustratingly contradictory government ones, whilst trying not to let it affect Vicky’s teaching and encroach on classes, all the while listening to so many differing opinions…

We’ve respected people’s decisions to cancel classes, and to also let people make their own choices with no clear directive - and we’ve tried to do it with smiles on our faces whilst everything we’ve worked so hard for the last 20 months has literally come crashing down around us, and for the last few weeks next to nothing financially even with the obvious support many of you have wanted to show.

We’ve had many sleepless nights the last three weeks struggling with what feels right and what doesn’t, and how to approach it but those are the parts people don’t see. If everything was black and white in life, we’d have cancelled all classes weeks ago.

Many of you know what a unique and personal thing this yoga venture has been to us, and it’s been a joy getting to know so many of you. We’ve been shown so much support we’ll never forget it and it’s impossible to thank you all enough.

We have our own views on how best to approach offering you something online but it has to be as simple as possible for you, so leave it with us, and we’ll be in touch when we’ve decided, hopefully nearer the end of next week…

For the time being we’re going to take stock, and think about how best to approach things personally, professionally and financially.

Take care and we’ll be in touch.